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The iPhone 4S dbloqu on sale on the American Apple Online Store

febrero 9, 2020

Since this Friday, the American Apple online store offers to order the completely free operator iPhone 4S.

The product sold unlocked is sold at the following prices:

– iPhone 4S 16GB: $ 649 (~ 470) – iPhone 4S 32GB: $ 749 (~ 545) – iPhone 4S 64GB: $ 849 (~ 615)

Depending on the model desired, the local tax will also be required depending on ?the region? (on American territory) where you plan to have the new device delivered. However, according to the current dollar rate (1 USD = 0.727470 EUR), ordering your iPhone 4S in the United States is a good deal! It will still be necessary to have knowledge on site in order to have the product delivered.

We discuss it on the forum.