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Angry Birds would cost the US economy $ 1.5 billion a year

febrero 4, 2020

It?s Alexis Madrigal who carried out this clever calculation on the site The Atlantic.

He explains:

Every March, newspapers report on the cost of basketball tournaments to American companies because of their employees who watch the matches instead of working. The consulting firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas calculated that basketball cost the economy $ 10.5 billion in lost wages, so when I read that 200 million minutes were played every day on Angry Birds, I wanted to do a similar calculation.

Here is the result obtained by Alexis:

The Angry Bird Effect:

200 million minutes per day equivalent to 866,666,666 hours per year. If 5% of these hours are worked by Americans at work, this represents 43,333,333 hours per year.

Multiply this by the average hourly salary of smartphone owners, it's $ 1,516,666,667!

Here is a figure that will not delight business leaders! when is a ban on this game in the big american firms?

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