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10 unknown features of the iPhone

febrero 1, 2020

Apple smartphones are full of very practical but little known features. Top 10 of those to know imperatively!


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The built-in compass in iOS is a good tool to navigate or to navigate to a destination. To do this, simply orient the compass towards the desired geographic orientation and tap on the screen. The destination will be saved and we can then move in the right direction.

Before starting, you must still think of calibrating the compass. To do this, simply open the application and follow the instructions on the screen. The app is preinstalled on all devices.

Measure the level

Credit: D.R. Credit: D.R.

The compass incorporates another very interesting function since it also makes it possible to measure the level. From the Compass app, simply swipe to the left and the bubble level will be displayed. Very practical to check if a piece of furniture is straight. It is also a very useful tool for DIY enthusiasts since it also allows you to check the inclination of a plane.

Changing the brightness of the flashlight

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<p>Since iOS 10, it is possible to control the brightness of the flashlight. To do this, simply activate the flashlight by sliding a finger on the screen from the bottom to the top and clicking on the lamp icon. Then, you also have to press the 3D Touch and choose between bright, medium and weak lighting.</p>
<p><strong>Set an alert according to geographic area</strong></p>
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