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Reduced price for the TomTom car kit for Belgium-iPhone readers

enero 31, 2020

For those with mobile navigation applications, Belgium-iPhone has been able to attract you to an attractive promotion with the Dutch firm TomTom. You will only be able to order your TomTom car kit at a reduced price. Recall that this car kit incorporates a SiRF star 3 GPS chip offering a very precise quality of GPS reception, the possibility of being able to receive and make calls without taking your eyes off the road thanks to the built-in speaker and to be able to recharge and keep powered on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Belgium-iPhone and TomTom offer the following discounts:

– Car kit TomTom (compatible with iPhone V1, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4) offered at the price of 79.95 (instead of 99.99).

The direct link to the promo (promo code belgiumiphone2).

– Car kit TomTom for iPod touch (compatible up to the third version of iPod touch) offered at the price of 19.95 (instead of 49.95).

The direct link to the promo (promo code belgiumiphone1).

Offer valid until June 14.

We discuss it on the forum.

Find our test of the TomTom car kit for iPhone.