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How to remove Google search bar on Android

enero 31, 2020

The Google search bar on the home screen can be annoying and many smartphone users are not very used to it. People have put so much effort into choosing a perfect phone wallpaper and this persistent Google search bar has ruined everything. Some people prefer to leave the space blank, while others may use this space to keep their favorite apps or widgets. So how do you remove the Google search bar?

You can do this by:

  • Use simple gestures.
  • Disable Google Now.
  • Use a custom launcher. (Root required)
  • Use a custom ROM. (Root required)
  • Use the Xposed Framework. (Root required)

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How to remove the Google search bar

Using simple gestures:

Most of the time, you get a popup window with an option to delete the Google search bar when you long press the search bar. On devices like Samsung, a pop-up window will appear when you hold your finger on the search bar. You can choose to remove it. But not all devices allow you to do it that way.

remove Google search bar

Deactivate Google Now:

If you are using Google Experience Launcher (GEL), you can deactivate Google Now by following a few simple steps. Android users (such as all Nexus devices) are recommended not to use this method, as it allows the device to be plugged in.

(Soft-brick is a device state where the phone is blocked with a boot loop or hangs at some point in the boot process. )

Settings> Applications> All applications> Google search / Google / Google app> Deactivate.

Restart your device. You are free from the search bar now.

Note: disabling Google App will affect other Google features such as Google Chrome, Google Assistant and more.

Custom launcher method: (root required)

The launcher is like an application, part of the Android interface that allows users to customize their home screen. There are different types. Some preferred launchers are listed below.

For Android 4.0+, you can use the Google Now launcher, the Nova launcher or the Apex launcher. An older Android device (Android 2.0 or higher) shouldn't hold you back, as GO Launcher Ex, ADW Launcher and Lightning Launcher are great choices for your device. Use appropriate launchers to avoid bugs as some launchers cannot keep up with the latest versions of Android.

For example, if you install Nova Launcher, you can remove the Google search bar by choosing Nova Settings> Office> Persistent Search Bar> None.

In the case of another launcher, you can quickly understand it in the Parameters tab.

Custom ROM method: (root required)

If you want to remove the search bar, this option is the right choice. Just make sure your Android device is rooted. By using a custom ROM, you can not only remove the Google search bar, but also control all parts of your device.

Using Xposed Framework: (Root required)

This method can be used to use certain features of the custom ROM without flashing one. A custom ROM can be buggy or overloaded. Sometimes you will not be able to find the one that suits your device. Xposed can compensate for this. You can make the desired changes without modifying them too much using Xposed.

Note that this method cannot be used for Android 5.0 Lollipop and to install Xposed, your device must be running Android 4.0.3 or a more recent version.

steps to install Xposed:

  1. Install the Xposed framework application and open it.
  2. Go to the frame
  3. Click Install / Update and grant root access to the Xposed framework.
  4. Once the operation is finished, restart your device.
  5. Your Xposed framework would be successfully installed.

If you already have Xposed Framework, download the Xposed GEL settings app from the Play Store and look for the option to turn off the search bar.

You no longer have to worry about the Google search bar that is bothering you.