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Top of the best PS4 games

enero 29, 2020

If you plan to get the latest PlayStation 4 game console or the Pro version, you need to write down the large library of games you can play. Whether you own this system or buy a new one, you can play some of the best console rating games. When it comes to choosing the best games, it's important to consider how you play now. After all, you can't give up on what gives you the best value for money. While choosing the best PS4 games, you need to take a close look at the options and format of the games before you type in what you want.

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Best PS4 Games

1. Rise of the Tomb

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Exactly two decades have passed since the launch of this game on PlayStation and the PS4 version of the game won the 20 Year Celebration edition title. In this version of the game, Lara Croft delivers significant combat rounds. The fight may seem proving, but it is also pleasant to intrigue in front of the game. Although the story of Lara's journey to the lost city of Kitezh in Siberia to complete the work of her former lack of originality, you will discover some truly shocking aspects of it. while tempting mechanisms will lead it from heights which it has never discovered before. . If you choose to choose it for PS4, you can also get the previous DLC. The game is also adaptable to the PS4 Pro version.

2. Fallout 4

Fallout 4

This one, with its excellent crafting systems and its shooter, initiates a role play, but do not worry, because there is a Stimpak. In the post-apocalypse environment, you will experience a terrifying experience. Often you leave to complete your mission and map so that you can find something bad or good. The main character gets an appropriate voice to add another polished layer to the whole procedure. With customization options and companions, this game welcomes players to a new realm. Although the game is not without its faults, the Bethesda fallow ladder can keep you inside the bunker for several weeks. If you get the many additions of downloadable content, you will never want to come back from the fallow land.

3. Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

When you consider the atmosphere, engaging gameplay or the world of construction, the game presents a kind of success, although occasional problems may appear at one time or another. The excellent systems that unite with each other in this game are hard to beat and it has proven to be one of the best role games.

4. God of War – Fatherhood and Fatalities

After killing all godly creatures and deities on Mount Olympus, this disgusted muscleman, known as Kratos, wrapped the original story of the God of War trilogy in a bloodbath. What you can expect from this game is a new and luxurious story as well as a semi-open world that pulls the strings of your heart while killing the monsters.

5. Call of Duty: Black OPS 4

Call of Duty Black OPS 4

The latest version of the game has got rid of all irrelevant aspects and incorporated new mechanisms and modes, as you will find in PUBG and Overwatch. As a result, you can get an online FPS that may not be original, but your experience as a player will be more rewarding and you will likely remain much more engaged while playing this game. Blackout is the answer for this game. craze of the Big Battle Royale, which takes the style of all the variants of firearms that can be requested and a glove card. The multiplayer mode of the game remains largely focused on the team instead of special abilities or regenerative health. Finally, who can forget the madness and the fun that the Zombies bring this game?

6. Soulcaliber VI

Soulcaliber VI

Almost six years have passed since the beginning of the previous game in this series and even if it took so long to reach the equipment of the current generation, the game is worth it. If you are a fan of swinger-swording action since Soulcaliber II, you have come to the right place. With the change of engine, you can get a reactive and elegant combat model and the inclusion of two standard narrative modes makes this game a definite winner for game enthusiasts wishing to obtain new collections for PlayStation 4. Apart from that , the inclusion of Geralt of Rivia as a special guest is the greatest addition to this game. The network code for this game is just amazing and the customization options will leave you stumped.

7. Detroit: Becoming Human

This game is one of the most visually impressive game options in PS4. This game is centered on humanity living with the Android, a real and technological, which acts as a workforce. David Cage's latest installment follows the story of three machines that begin to feel, act and think beyond the original programming. Players face many difficult actions and scenarios in this game, whether it's taking care of a dynamic master or solving the murders. Truth be told, you can expect a story that gradually evolves with the action and dialogues chosen.

8. Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3

It is one of these series which gave rise to a hundred imitators and the only reason for the popularity of this game is its fair gameplay which is also close to the current version of the game. However, these are the majestic and grotesque places present in the game and the fine tuning of combat fans, as well as the emphasis on versatility and speed, which make it an ideal choice for building collections of the best PS4 games. When you take a look at the series as a whole, this collection seems to wrap and not be dispersed like in Dark Souls 2, the previous version. If you want to take the soul game, this is it.

9. Overwatch

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<p>This master blaster based on the Blizzard team has received numerous awards for the best multiplayer game, the best competitive game, the best original game, etc. When you think about PS4 games, this is one of the collections that you can almost never miss. With charismatic heroes engaged in six-on-six battles, and their crazy abilities, such as swearing, shouting and telling memorable moments make them an indispensable part of the collections. There are specific goals in each mode that provide a tangible goal for each game.</p>
<h3>10. Fifa 19</h3>
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It?s one of EA Canada's football simulators and although it got rid of the shadow of Pro Evo, it brought many changes, in the formula that you have always loved, in the right places . You are sure to find the taste that suits your foot by playing this game. The journey in this game comes back as Alex Hunter tries to become a football icon by a superstar. The game includes Divisions mode to make long-term game improvements and Kick-Off mode comes with new house rules resembling FIFA street style. Changes in ball and shooting make the direction of movement smoother across the court.

11. Crew 2

In 2014, The Crew showed an abridged version for the United States, as well as various challenges and races, but the race was not zing. In 2018, the sequel looks like Forza Horizon and seems to be inspired by the series. The activities of the suite are more accessible than the road trip of the previous version. Arcade-style racing, as well as boats, planes and cars are the reasons to add this game to your collection.

12. Evolution of the Jurassic World

The evolution of the Jurassic world

The game seems dangerous but provides players with sim management or the Zoo Tycoon and this combination is the reason for the development of the game. With a simple installation, you can create your theme park in one of the five islands and include all the dinosaurs that you have seen to tear with their strong jaw. You can search for fossils or extract the DNA from these species to reproduce, but be careful before putting your steps forward because the species you create create chaotic situations and packs in the Jurassic world.

13. 2 dshonor

The first game was so interesting that there is a little leeway here when you value the quality of the game. It is an adventure game filled with different options with narrative tales woven into a realistic world. Players can choose between the almighty Emily and the original hero Corvo. Emily's supernatural abilities provide fun and talent, but the only downside to the game is the less powerful narrative.

The collection of games for PlayStation 4 keeps you entertained as you tackle different scenarios and actions.