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IPhone game: Gangstar Miami Vindication 0.79 for a hard limit

enero 29, 2020

Gameloft offers ?Gangstar: Miami Vindication? 0.79 for a hard limit (instead of 5.49). This is the first big promotion on this game since its launch in September 2010. An opportunity not to be missed!

"Gangstar: Miami Vindication" tells the story of a revenge that will immerse you in the world of Miami gangs to allow the release of your little brother kidnapped by the Armada gang for obscure reasons.

This episode of the Gangstar series always takes the GTA-Like style, that is to say that you can travel the city as you see fit, use a whole arsenal of weapons as well as a fairly wide range of vehicles including , this time, the possibility of using helicopters, boats in addition to more conventional vehicles.

This opus offers no less than 75 missions for a relatively long lifespan.

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( ?Gangstar: Miami Vindication? on the App Store )