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How to use Microsoft Office for free on Windows 10

enero 29, 2020

Using the Office suite applications does not necessarily require the purchase of a paid license, especially if, like many people, you only use the most basic functions offered in the various tools of the office suite.

Instead, you can perfectly use their online versions, which can be accessed free of charge after logging in to a Microsoft account. If Office Web Apps are content with the minimum, the features they offer will suffice for the greatest number. Everything you need to make simple layouts is there. The documents generated with these online tools can be saved on your OneDrive storage space (5 GB of space offered by Microsoft), and you can even, if necessary, export a copy locally on your computer.

One of the biggest advantages of this option is that the documents that you create from the online version are automatically saved online and can be opened on any device, fixed or mobile, via a web browser or an application connected to the same account.

Because if these tools are accessible from any browser, you can also choose to install Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Once installed on your machine, they work in the same way as native applications, except that your PC will have to be connected to the Internet.

1. Download Microsoft Edge Chromium

If you haven't already done so with a Windows 10 update, download and install the new version of Microsoft Edge manually. Based on Chromium, the open source project on which Google Chrome is based, the new Edge has little to do with the old one.

The new version of Microsoft's web browser, much faster than before, incorporates most of the functions of Chrome, and even pays the luxury of offering certain features.

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 (Free)

But you will especially need this new version of Edge to be able to install the Progressive Web Apps of the Office suite online on your computer.

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2. Connect Office Online

Launch Edge on your machine, go to Office Online and sign in using your Micrososft account.

Go to Microsoft Office Online (Free)

3. Install a PWA

Once connected, from the Office Online home page, open the application of your choice. We will choose for our example, Word.

Then click on the main Edge menu, go to the menu applications, and choose dInstall this site as an app, choose a name (Word PWA for example) and confirm its installation by clicking on the button Install.

Repeat this procedure for each of the applications that you want to find in the form of a Progressive Web App on your computer. You can then verify that they have been installed correctly by clicking on the Start menu in Windows where each should appear in the recently added elements.

You can then launch each of these Progressive Web Apps like any native application installed on your machine. However, keep in mind that they will not be able to work offline on your computer.

And if however the free online version of Office is not enough to meet your expectations, you can always download Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows to access a more complete version of the Microsoft office suite, with a free trial period of a month.