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Apple works on MacBook Pro with touchscreen

Many dream but Apple has still not done it … However, the idea of ??a MacBook with a touchscreen would make its way Cupertino (United States). The Apple firm has recently filed a patent for a touch screen computer screen with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), according to the Apple Insider website.

This patent, n20200019367, reveals a portable computer, qualified as ?electronic device 5012?, capable of displaying the screen, if necessary, of touch management applications. Please note, however, that a patent filing does not necessarily mean that a project will be completed and then launched into production. In fact, Craig Federighi, Apple?s senior vice president of software engineering, said in 2019 that ?raising your arm to touch a computer screen is very tiring?.

It is therefore not tomorrow that Apple should release a touchscreen MacBook, but this patent shows that the future the door remains open this type of project, in particular to switch the environment of an iPhone that of his Mac while enjoying its favorite applications continuously.

The latest MacBook to be included in Apple's catalog is the new 16-inch MacBook Pro released in the fall of 2019. Replacing the old 15-inch MacBook, it is by far the most powerful and spectacular ever sold by Apple. In 2020, it will be the 13-inch MacBook pro's turn to be renewed.