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Apple products coming soon to Brazil?

enero 29, 2020

If one cracks the Brazilian site Redebomdia, Foxconn would prepare build a new factory Jundiai (a city not far from Sao Paulo in Brazil) dedicates the production of Apple product.

Foxconn component assembler is already at Jundiai, where the company already works for manufacturers such as HP and Sony. After having recently signed a new contract for millions of dollars in investment, a new production line – specifically dedicated to Apple products – may open soon.

The author of the information is not very precise as to the source of the information. However, all indications are that the details would have been revealed directly by an internal source at Apple, which refused to comment on the accuracy of this information.

Finally, the opening of this new factory would go hand in hand with an investment (1.6 billion dollars) coming from the Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista.

Apple is it being pushed to locate "its" production lines currently located in China?

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