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Apple Pay will support 99% of CB in 2020 (and the Apple Card?)

enero 29, 2020

Jennifer Payey, vice president of Apple Pay, gave a short interview to things that were about Apple Pay. Apple?s contactless payment service was still talked about today, but in a good way. Crdit Agricole, CIC and Crdit Mutuel Alliance Fdrale finally support Apple Pay.

Jennifer Bailey - Apple Pay

To return the interview, Bailey confirms that with these new banks, Apple now covers 90% of French payment cards :

As a first step, Crdit Agricole and Crdit Mutuel will offer Apple Pay to their credit card network users. Visa and Mastercard will be added during the year. Apple will then cover 99% of French cards, which will make France one of the very first countries in the world from this point of view. .

If the payment service only covered 62% of French CBs, before the newcomers of the day, Apple has clearly caught up. Certainly the negotiations were blocked at certain times, hence the delay. For example, we were talking about Apple Pay at Crdit Agricole more than two years ago. According to our information at the time, an agreement was far from being reached. Today, Apple has succeeded in bending the banks, but perhaps not without a counterpart. Of course, the details of such agreements may remain secret.

Regarding the future of the Apple Card in France, Jennifer Bailey confirms that its arrival is not in Apple's plans. This does not mean that it will not be launched later. But then again, as with Pay, we will have to be very patient?