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An app to "treat homosexuality" sows controversy

enero 29, 2020

An iPhone application proposes to liberate gays from their homosexuality. A petition is currently circulating with a view to withdrawing it. 80,000 signatures have already been registered.

Exodus International, this is the name of this application which currently sme the polemic. Available free on the App Store since mid-February, it offers "to liberate" gays from their homosexuality. the origin of this application, a Christian group which defends the ex-gay movement. The latter does not fail to specify that he got the green light from Apple.

Since the application was made available on the App Store, there has been a movement to denounce its presence on the Apple online store. The latter hastened to send a letter to the Cupertino company, relying in particular on the fact that it nevertheless specifies in its general conditions of use its refusal to accept any racist or anti-seismic application.

?Apple rejects racist or anti-seismic applications, but authorizes an app that targets vulnerable LGBT youth (Lesbian, gay, transexual and transgendered, editor's note) and tells them that their sexual orientation is? a sin that will make them sick ?, can we read in the letter.

Apple has not yet deleted the application today and has not yet reacted to the letter.

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