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The iPhone 4 less loose than the competition!

enero 28, 2020

The performance of the iPhone 4 has been compared with other recently released smartphone models.

The result is without appeal since on performance tests in Open GL ES 2 and JavaScript, the iPhone 4 is always the same, even next to the iPhone 3GS!

The iPhone 4 (under iOS 4.2.1) has been put to the test bench alongside the iPhone 3GS, the LG Optimus 3D, the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Motorola Atrix 4G or even the Nexus S (and several other smartphones recently put on the market).

In the JavaScript code execution test, the iPhone 4 proved to be slower than the smartphone models mentioned above. The built-in JavaScript engine iOS 4.2.1 is therefore not yet the most efficient.

Similarly, in terms of Open GL ES 2 rendering, the iPhone 4 is clearly trane!

But what the AnandTech site did not take into account in this test is the Retina Display screen of the iPhone 4. Indeed, the native resolution of other smartphones is much lower than that of the iPhone 4. The latter is therefore necessarily slower than smartphones released recently. This explains why the iPhone 4 ranks just after the iPhone 3GS which does not have a Retina Display.

The arrival of the fifth generation iPhone in June-July is expected to be a game changer and put Apple back in the running.

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( AnandTech )