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Interview: Simon Dawlat, founder of

120,000 unique visitors per day and an average of 50,000.000 application downloads in 2010 for its partner publishers, this is the challenge noted by Simon Dawlat, founder of the site launched in May 2010. His concept, taken from the American site, could not be more simple: since it is very difficult for a developer / publisher to highlight his application on the App Store which accounts for more than 350,000 applications today, just make it free the space of a day to do it move up the rankings and thus give it the visibility it needs for its commercial development.

And sometimes the simplest concepts are the most successful since most of the applications picked up by never delay rising to the top places in the App Store ranking. In addition, there have already been some applications that generated as many as 60,000 downloads in a single day! It will only remain for developers / editors to be able to enjoy the potential benefits expected thereafter, when the application will again be paid but which will have acquired a certain notoriety! Interview with Simon Dawlat in the sequel.

Belgium-iPhone: Hello Simon Dawlat. Could you introduce yourself?

Simon Dawlat: Hello everyone, I?m Simon from AppGratuites, a little nickname I?ve been carrying for 9 months since the launch of AppGratuites. Before returning to France and launching this project I worked in Silicon Valle. I wasn?t supposed to go back, but there was a crisis in late 2008 and I got fired. I must have come in a bit of a disaster. Just time to see the App Store launch there and understand that it was going to become something that a lot of people would end up using (I had tried to develop a game myself in my last days in the US, without much success).

BiP: How did the idea of ??ApprGratitées emerge?

SD: AppGratuites was born on an impulse, I hacked the site in one day, opened an account with for the newsletter (I highly recommend them, impeccable service since always) and I started contacting first publishers to negotiate good plans or ?Discovery? apps that I then offer every morning to people who are kind enough to take the time to read me. And then I launched the app which really made AppGratuites take off.

BiP: How does AppGratuites work?

S.D: It's a great mix of the two costs, I started by contacting the editors that I like the most, or that I already knew. And then luckily, I got people soon enough who started to contact me: negotiations are generally easier in this sense – because in the other, I took a few doors in the nose I must say, at the beginning.

BiP: A few months ago, did you launch your iPhone application, a great success?

S.D: Today the app is 900,000 downloads, of which 650,000 have agreed (the unfortunate ones) to receive my little notification in the morning – I try to keep up with the rhythm of 10am every morning. I haven't taken a single day of vacation in 9 months, but that?s the price to pay for setting up a ?date,? I think. (Note that recently launched his iPad application, Editor's note).

BiP: We recently learned that your iPhone application development company had opened an office in New York, what is the point of the process?

S.D: Ah, the New York office is because my girlfriend is American and lives in Brooklyn. So gave me good reasons + excuses to go see her 😉 (We will not know more, Editor's note).

BiP: Any projects to come?

S.D: Oulah full, but I don't know yet in what order …

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