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Gordon Brown blocked Steve Jobs' ennobling

enero 28, 2020

In 2009, Steve Jobs' name went around the court of England. There has been talk of ennobling the boss of Apple as a Knight of the Order of the Crown. It is an understatement to say that man has marked the history of IT with his innovations and his determination to always create products at the cutting edge of technology. However, he was accused of a major fault by the Prime Minister in office at the time, Gordon Brown.

Steve Jobs is said to have refused to participate in a conference at a Labor party convention shortly before his ennobling. Brown, annoyed by the refusal of Apple?s C.E.O., reacted by throwing Apple into the lists of future Knights of the Kingdom of England, leaving him no chance of making up for it. For the record. Bill Gates was honored with the same title in 2005. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the news.

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( The Telegraph | Photo credit: AP)