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Control a Windows game for Kinect using your iPhone or iPad

enero 28, 2020

Some developers have designed an interface on iPhone and iPad that allows you to control a small Windows game for Kinect.

This is a dodgeball game where you have to touch the balls with your hands and avoid being hit on another part of the body. Other players can control the sending of balls with a modified version of the application for iPhone and iPod Touch: TouchOSC thanks to Unity3D.

This application allows you to select the area of ??appearance on the left pane and the intensity of appearance on the right pane.

During the New York demonstration phase, this game could evolve with the upcoming appearance of the official development kit of Microsoft for the Kinect. Because for the moment, the developers use an unofficial and modified development kit: OSCeleton to allow the Kinect to receive data via TouchOSC towards Unity3D.

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