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Bluetooth dbrid on the iDevice: the countdown has started!

enero 28, 2020

A few days ago, we were talking to you about Celeste, a new application allowing file transfer via bluetooth. If we believe the account set up on the site from the developer, the application should be made available March 22.

As a reminder, Celeste, once installed, integrates directly into the iPhone applications (as if it were the original). When the user receives a file, it is notified by a notification which prompts him to accept or decline the file transfer. Once accepted, the transfer runs in the background.

The user will also be able to send files to iPhone (with the same tweak) but also to other phones / smartphones or to a computer.

Celeste will be compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, starting from iOS 4.0. A price not yet communicated will be available on the Cydia Store.

It goes without saying that once Celeste is made available, you will be offered a full test as soon as possible.

We discuss it on the forum.