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Angry Birds Rio expected for March 22

enero 28, 2020

It was at the end of January that we learned that Rovio, the editor of the famous game Angry Birds, is preparing to release a new version produced as part of a partnership with the release of the film RIO. If you take a look at the publisher?s Twitter account, the new album will be available for download on the App Store as of March 22.

In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and immersed in the magic of the city of Rio, where they arrive to scape their captors and go to the rescue of their friends, Blu and Perla, the last two parrots of their kind, hero of the animated film RIO. Angry Birds Rio, like the original successful version of Angry Birds, will offer hours of gameplay, demolition challenges and replayability, all with unique twists and turns, unique to the long-awaited film. Angry Birds Rio will be launched with 45 levels; new levels will be added regularly via app updates. The game will be available for download on smartphones and tablets around the world.

Note that the new episode will not be released at first on the Apple online store, nor on the Google Marketplace but on … the Amazon App Store, a new application download service – from the famous online store – for smartphones running Android. The latter intends to use this new episode of Angry Birds to get known.

We discuss it on the forum.

Discover the trailer below: