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An iOS application dedicated to the Belgian political crisis

enero 28, 2020

The Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad sme the buzz by launching an iPhone and iPad application dedicated to the political crisis that our country is currently going through. Koninklijk saboteur (The royal saboteur in French), it is its original name, it consists of sowing obstacles on the way to the royal palace of Laeken where Albert II awaits the providential man. They are two and inescapable it seems: Elio and Bart. Win the one who managed to send the most banana peels and other packets of fries to the two trainer candidates. And therefore beat the world record of a country without government. FYI, we are 256 days today when the winner arrived more than 403.

For those who do not have an iPhone or iPad, a demo version of Koninklijk saboteur is available on the website which developed the game.

Download Koninklijk Saboteur for free on the App Store.

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(With Philippe De Boeck, Le Soir)