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All the new features in iOS 4.3

enero 28, 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have not failed to inform you, article by article, what were the new features brought by each beta version of iOS 4.3. Since the new iOS is now available, here is a summary of the new features for more clarity with a few final details.

The speed : it is clear that one of the main advantages of iOS 4.3 is its remarkable speed gain, especially in Safari. Note that the new version of iOS now includes a new Nitro engine for JavaScript. According to Apple, displaying a JavaScript applet is up to twice as fast.

Personal Hotspot : it allows the user to be able to share his Internet connection (via the Edge or 3G) directly from his iPhone 4 and up to a maximum of 5 people connected. Your iPhone is in some ways transformed into a real Wi-Fi router. However, for to be able to use such a functionality, the user will have to comply with the goodwill of his operator who could very well decide to restrict this functionality in order to not disturb his network (see our article on the position of Proximus and Base on this subject, we are now awaiting Mobistar's position).

– iTunes home sharing:

This new function is a kind of reverse Airplay. The principle is to stream content from your computer to your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. You must activate it by entering your credentials in the iPad / iPhone configuration panel. Once these fields are filled and the function activated on iTunes 10.2, you will see your iTunes library appear next to the original one contained in your device. Then it goes exactly as if it were your native library. You can start playing a movie, a TV series, a Podcast or an audio book. There is obviously a little lag time when reading, but it really is not long. Streaming is efficient and perfectly fulfills its office!

– Some new small additional features:

– Users (models 3GS and 4) can now manage the alert numbers when receiving an SMS.

– In Notes, new fonts have appeared.

– The application update page on the App Store is also entitled to a new design (not yet visibly accessible on the Belgian App Store).

Finally, the possibility of using gestures to move from one screen to another, surf the Internet or change applications has not yet been implemented. Would this functionality be reserved for iOS 5?

We discuss it on the forum.