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137 intoxicated workers in iPhone production factories

enero 28, 2020

We brought you back last october reports that some workers in factories at Foxconn (Apple product assembler) had been fired from work due to intoxication. Another factory, Wintek Corp, located in Suzhou (eastern China) appears to have suffered the same type of incident. Unionists had previously warned about the working conditions of these factories, which notably manufacture components for the iPhone in China, reporting long working days, low wages and heavy pressure.

In 2009, 137 workers at this factory – who are responsible for assembling the iPhone – were poisoned by exposure to n-hexane, a chemical used to clean glass on phone screens, said an official of this company who refused to be appointed. ?One of the workers still needs outpatient treatment?, but the others are cured, specified this person in charge. After this accident, "We stopped using n-hexane and replaced this cleaning agent with alcohol, even if it is less effective", he added. According to him, the affected workers received compensation amounting to 100,000 yuan ($ 15,000).

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