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WSJ: an iPhone nano and a new version of MobileMe planned for summer

enero 27, 2020

According to Wall street journal, Apple is said to be working on developing an iPhone that is half the size of the current iPhone 4. The Cupertino company is also preparing a major overhaul of its MobileMe online service, the new version of which will be available this summer.

"N97" is the code name for this new "smaller" iPhone, says Bloomberg, who also believes that this future product is in Apple's pipe. The Wall street journal, for its part, indicates that this new iPhone (iPhone nano?) will be sold at a price bordering on half that currently quoted by the iPhone 4. As for its specifications, it would have almost no edge between the screen and its sides would be very light and would not have a ?Home? button: navigation in its menus would be based on?. the voice.

The MobileMe online service is completely revised and would be offered in a more accessible (free?) Way to store all of your personal media such as photos and videos, indicates the same source who also believes that the user could find all of their iTunes remote library (streaming). This new strategy operated by Apple would aim to accentuate the online storage of these iDevices users. The opportunity would also be interesting for the Cupertino company to fully exploit the potential of its new mega data center located in North Carolina in the United States.

Finally, these new ones could be launched in the summer, ?Steve Jobs would make it his priority?, says the same source. If these new products (especially the new iPhone model in question) would be the subject of an introduction at the WWDC (Wordwide Developpers Conference), the latter is likely to be resounding to say the least.

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