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SynthCam: an app that turns your iPhone into an rflex

enero 27, 2020

When you take a close-up photo with a reflex, you can observe a nice slightly blurred effect in the background. The iPhone does not allow to achieve such prowess because its objective is simply not big enough. This is how a developer, who is more passionate about photography, had the idea of ??developing an application, SynthCam, which could fill this gap, or at least simulate its effect.

Once the application launches, a square and a circle appear on the screen. The first will be used to focus on the object that we want to bring out, while the second will achieve the blur in degraded effect. To get there, the user will have to go around the object, using the circle, taking care not to overflow … (see video below for the demonstration).

the drafting of Belgium-iPhone, we tested and we are rather satisfied with the results obtained!

SynthCam is available on the App Store for 0.79.

The application runs on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G.

We discuss it on the forum.