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Results of our HDMI adapter competition for iPad and iPhone

enero 27, 2020

Here are the results of our quiz / contest in which we offered to win the HDMI adapter (worth 59) available from Crazyphonic at the price of 59,90 (find his review test complete on the forum). You were not less than 700 people to have participated in our weekly meeting and we thank you!

It is Olivier Jeanmoye (Latinne) who wins the precious prize! Congratulations him! See you at the end of the week for our new quiz in which we will offer you a new lot to say the least! Follow the news closely on Belgium-iPhone!

title of information, here are the good answers to the questions asked:

– Apple recently rejected an application dedicated to reading e-books. What is the name of this app? Sony e-reader.? The head of the group Media News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch, presented New York, his new daily newspaper specially reserved for the iPad. What's her name?The Daily.-A Belgian journalist used his iPhone to cover news abroad. In country was it present? Egypt.? A new episode of Angry Birds is announced for March? What is the name of this new episode? Angry Birds Rio– A Flemish minister recently sent an Apple letter to express his concern about the new policy of the Californian firm concerning subscriptions via iPad? What is the name of this minister? Ingrid Lieten.