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iPhone XI / XIR: audio streaming on 2 Bluetooth devices?

enero 27, 2020

iPhone XI / XIR: audio streaming on 2 Bluetooth devices? – iPhone Soft

iphone xi iphone 11 iconThe audio part is at the heart of Apple's concerns, after focusing for a long time on the photo. Indeed, the next iPhone 2019, XI and XIR, would adopt a feature already seen on the Galaxy S8: the management of a dual Bluetooth audio output. After AirPlay 2 in Wifi, we would therefore have the possibility of managing multi-devices in Bluetooth. Imagine that a couple with two pairs of AirPods (or any other wireless headset) could listen to the same music.

MacOtakara reports the information. This is currently a rumor but the Japanese blog is often well informed. On the other hand, it indicates that navigation via Bluetooth could also be one of the use cases with guidance in the car's speakers and music in headphones for example.

To date, it is already possible to pair several devices to the iPhone, but reading is limited to one device.

black iphone 7 bluetooth earpods

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