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Deutsche Telekom sells the wick for the fifth generation iPhone!

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the largest fair dedicated to mobile telephony and like every year, Apple has not made the trip because it reserves the news around the iPhone for the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), the largest trade fair dedicated to developers for Mac OS X and iOS.

Deutsche Telekom held a press conference to present the novelties for the year 2011. Thus, we learn that they will offer ?unlimited? surfing (this kind of term is always subject to conditions not yet announced) in the European Union, in roaming, for 1.95 / day or 14.95 per week. This new price plan, called ?Travel & Surf?, will be launched this summer in Germany.

The ever-increasing appeal of smartphones and the mobile internet will push the German telephone operator to invest in a 4G network in order to reach a data transfer rate of around 42Mb / seconds.

The most interesting part of this conference is the end, where Deutsche Telekom explains that mobile phones and smartphones will become electronic wallets this year in order to pay small amounts such as a ticket, concert ticket, food, etc., the aim of which is to avoid walking around with small change all the time. It will also be possible to receive personalized promotional codes on your mobile phone or smartphone and use the latter to identify yourself to merchants for loyalty cards. The technology used by Deutsche Telekom will be the chip NFC (Nearfield Communication) which allows the exchange of short distance and high frequency data. This technology is currently in the testing phase by the company Visa in Europe (see: ?NFC payment from your iPhone is being tested in Europe").

The subsidiary T-Mobile is expected to expand the NFC market in cellphones and smartphones for the North American market, said the German operator. The name of Apple would have been mentioned for the use of this technology in 2011, what to feed a little more rumors circulating around the iPhone of fifth generation, whose presentation should take place, in all likelihood, the WWDC 2011 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) to be held in June (see: ?WWDC 2011 from June 5 to 9? ?). Apple's name was allegedly mentioned in a slide projected at the press conference and carefully removed from the press release before its publication.

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