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Apple's next liquid metal products?

We told you recently that Apple has made some cosmetic changes to its site. Since then, speculations have been going well and some of them suggest that these changes could be directly related to the evolution of the materials used by the Cupertino company.

Until this week, the metallic color was used on the Apple site – especially in the navigation bar -. This color applied clearly served as a reminder with the materials used, such as aluminum, with MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers.

When we know that Apple has already been working on other innovative materials, such as liquid metal, for a certain period, the color now darkens on the navigation bar of the Apple site suggests that the next products Cupertino firm could be made from this material.

NASA said last year that liquid metal is truly ready to redefine the science of materials we know in the 21st century

The Cupertino company has signed a contract with Liquidmetal Technologies regarding the exclusive use of this highly resistant metallic material which is treated like plastic and would use it in prototypes of products intended for the general public.

In addition, the co-inventor of this alloy, Atakan Peker said during the AntennaGate that Apple could solve reception problems related to the iPhone 4 by designing a new antenna using this material.

Finally, this material could allow the Cupertino company to create products with very complex shapes in blown alloy like a glass and even allowing to represent, for example, a logo in a holographic form producing colorful effects.

You can really make a novel of the things that it is possible present to achieve with this metal, says Dr. Jan Schroers and conclude, Liquid metal would make a good material in the manufacture of iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It is extremely light thinner than the materials currently used in the current iPhone and is incredibly rigid and solid, he had indicated.

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