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Apple will pay WiLan $ 85 million for patent infringement

enero 27, 2020

A San Diego jury said Apple had to pay WiLan a total of $ 85 million for patent infringement.

Apple WiLan

This affair is not new today, it is about the ongoing process between the two companies. In 2018, WiLan won a lawsuit against Apple, which should have paid $ 145 million, before the sentence was later canceled by the American district judge Dana Sabraw.

The two patents at the origin of this case concern the means of making telephone calls and downloading data simultaneously. One is for a ?method and apparatus for bandwidth request protocols in a wireless communication system?, while the other is for ?adaptive call admission control for use in a wireless communication system. wireless communication ?.

Last year WiLan, which is a Quarterhill company, was to receive $ 145 million in its patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. Apple has said, however, that WiLan used an incorrect method to determine damages based on sales of the iPhone, a matter with which judge Sabraw agreed, leading to the setting aside of the sentence. WiLan was asked to accept a recalculated amount of $ 10 million or bring in a new report. The company opted for the second option.

WiLan was founded in 1992 to develop wireless technology, but in 2006 the company changed its strategy to become a patent owner. The company describes itself as ?one of the most successful patent licensing companies in the world?, with the aim of helping ?companies unleash the value of intellectual property by granting and granting licenses for their portfolio of patents. "

As Bloomberg points out, licenses accounted for ?more than half of the $ 107.6 million in Quarterhill sales in the first nine months? of 2018.

WiLan filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2014, claiming that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 have infringed the aforementioned patents. Apple said that WiLan did not carefully assess the value of the technology in its iPhones and that it did not provide sufficient evidence to the jury.

In the end, the debate between the two companies is not over, although Apple now seems ready to pay the $ 85 million.