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Some small differences for the iPhone 4 CDMA

enero 26, 2020

No big surprise, Verizon Wireless at the end of the afternoon (Belgian time), the iPhone 4 CDMA! (cf.: ?End of the monopoly on the iPhone for AT&T"). What we can immediately notice, following the presentation and a few visuals, is that the prototype we told you about some time ago would be the iPhone 4 CDMA! (cf.: ?Snapshots of the next iPhone 4 CDMA or iPhone 5?").

The only difference from the rumors is thatthere is no micro-SIM drawer (would it be the iPhone 5?). This iPhone model is therefore not compatible with GSM networks and is therefore well reserved exclusively for users of CDMA networks. The iPhone 4 CDMA looks good 4 notches in the metal outline which serves as an antenna (instead of 3). At the moment, it is still too early to say if the reception is much better than on the models sold since July 2010. Indeed, these suffer from a problem in the design of the antenna.

The iPhone 4 CDMA will not be marketed until February 10. Cover manufacturers will need to review their copy for operator customers Verizon Wireless because the muffler button is slightly offset from the original iPhone 4 model.

Another important information concerns the version of iOS embedded in this iPhone 4 CDMA: iOS 4.2.5. This new version (which is not (or not yet) available for other iPhone models) allows, in addition, share the internet connection of your iPhone 4 CDMA with 5 other iPhone. For the moment, this functionality is only offered to customers of Verizon Wireless but it is rumored that it could be extended to other models.

In addition, the CDMA network would not allow the iPhone to be able to surf the mobile internet while making a phone call.

Rumors are picking up again as it is rumored thata CDMA iPad could see the light of day. The partnership with Verizon Wireless launched, it may not be so trivial to think

For the little anecdote, Apple has been working on this iPhone model since 2008 and more than 1000 prototypes were needed before this finally functional version arrived.

Engadget has already been able to try the craft and offers us a quick overview:

We discuss it on the forum.

( Engadget )