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Micro-USB port may not see the light of day in an iPhone

enero 26, 2020

Last year, the European Commission wanted harmonization of chargers for mobile phones, and therefore connectors for a micro-USB port to allow recharging.

Several manufacturers of telephones and smartphones (Nokia, Samsung, etc.), including Apple, had agreed to make their devices compatible with the micro-USB standard.

Out of the 14 signatories, some will already offer in 2011 phones, smartphones and chargers compatible with the micro-USB standard destination of the European Union. Regarding Apple, it would not be obliged to replace the 30-pin dock for a micro-USB port ! It could simply offer a dock adapter to a micro-USB connector to allow recharging. Apple also won't have to wear a micro-USB port in addition to the dock connector.

We discuss it on the forum.

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