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Japan: an "NFC" chip for the iPhone 4

enero 26, 2020

2011 is expected to be the year in which ?NFC? (Near Field Communication) technology is expected to start on a good number of smartphones. Which should especially be the case with the iPhone 5.

In Japan, this technology has already been used for a while and it is iPhone 4 users who complain about not being able to take advantage of it as long as it is not available. This is how the local operator Softbank decided to take the lead and will offer from february an alternative for its customers which will consist of a sticker incorporating one of these famous chips. This should be affixed to the back of the device and will allow operations such as transactions or to take public transport. The NFC chip therefore does not communicate directly with the iPhone, but while waiting for the iPhone 5, the operator can thus respond to a certain request which will not however be free: the customer will have to pay $ 36 when buying the sticker.

We discuss it on the forum.