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iOS stays ahead of BlackBerry and Android in the US

enero 26, 2020

According to a report by Nielsen, dating from the month of November, 40.8% of smartphone buyers have a model running Android. Regarding Apple, they would be only 26.9% be tempted by a pomm smartphone.

But on the overall share of use of mobile operating systems, it is iOS which barely holds the head of the ranking with only 28.6% followed by RIM with 26.1%. Android is only in third place with 25.8%

To say that Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the United States, there is only one. However, it is not the case ! What this survey does not show is that it covers Motorola, HTC and Samsung smartphones. In addition, HTC and Samsung have recently chosen to opt for Windows Mobile 7 (which is not included in this survey) in their future smartphone models. The use of iOS on iPod Touch has, moreover, left on the side …

According to figures from StatCounter, Apple would rank high in 30 countries, including North America, Europe and Australia. In short, a war of numbers is far from over and the novelties that will be present during this year 2011, whether from Apple, Google or other manufacturers, will change the situation a little more or dig the gap for some.

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