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Foursquare: comments and photos are finally coming!

enero 26, 2020

Users of the social network application ?Foursquare? will be delighted to learn that it is now possible to save their location by leaving a comment and / or posting a photo, the way that the competing application Gowalla has offered since his arrival.

The vise tightens between the ?Foursquare? and ?Gowalla? application in terms of the functionality offered since this first allows since Monday evening the possibility of interacting more by offering to comment on the recorded position (check-in) or by posting a photo there. For users of the ?Foursquare? application, this has been one of the ?very? claimed features since its availability on the App Store.

However, there is still some way to go for the application that was already recording no less than 185 million records end of September. Even if it is true that Foursquare is positioned as the direct competing application of what Facebook offers with the ?Places? functionality, some users still regret the lack of improvements related to its ?interface like what offers since recently Gowalla. Finally, it would also be interesting if the application could be offered with full support for the language of Molire.

These new features are available in the new ?2.2? stamp version of Foursquare available for free. Downloading from the App Store.

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