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9 million iPhones sold at Verizon in 2011?

In a recent note, analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray believes that Apple could sell around 9 million iPhones next year thanks in particular to the arrival of the product on the American Verizon Wireless network. Although this figure may seem a little weak in the sense that AT&T (the direct competitor operator of Verizon) has already been able to already sink 5.2 million iPhones in the third quarter of 2010 alone, analyst Munster shows however cautious.

Indeed, the latter believes that the iPhone will face stiff competition on the Verizon Wireless network since the latter places these tablets strongly in front of these many shops, the reverse of AT & T's strategy. Munster estimates that Verizon Wireless will sell approximately 25 million smartphones in 2011 and expects the iPhone to account for approximately 36% of operator revenue. He goes on to say that sales of the iPhone within the AT&T operator will be cannibalized by the launch of the iPhone at Verizon Wireless. Finally, the analyst revised his estimates on the number of US iPhones sold next year from 17.5 million units sold to 11 million. The analyst's cumulative figures thus estimate a total of 20 million units sold, or 2.5 million units more than estimated this year. Munster ends his note by stating that these figures are nonetheless conservative.

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