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The full summary of iOS 4.2

enero 25, 2020

The arrival of iOS 4.2 is imminent. Recent rumors indicate a likely availability of the new OS for download this tuesday or this friday later. But what finally interesting this new update brings in addition to the correction of some bugs? Belgium-iPhone has a dress for you a summary new features in iOS 4.2.


AirPrint is a feature that will allow you to print photos and documents directly from your iPhone to a printer connected to the same Wi-Fi network or to a printer of the ?ePrint? type if you are not connected to a Wi- Fi. The manufacturer HP has already announced its intention to market this kind of printers very soon. After almost three and a half years of existence, the iPhone will allow the printing of a document for the first time. To achieve this, the ?Print? functionality will be made accessible from a new tab, such as sending a document by email or sharing it on a social network.


Like being able to stream music from your iTunes software to a Wi-Fi terminal like AirPort Express from your conventional computer, the AirPlay functionality built into iOS 4.2 will allow your iPhone (iPad and iPod touch) to stream video, music, via streaming, from the iPod application.

welcome screen.

The "Volume" functionality is now accessible from the iOS multitasking.

On iPad, iOS 4.2 will finally allow you to classify your apps in folders (20 apps per folder versus 12 for the iPhone) by simple drag-and-drop like what is offered on the iPhone from iOS 4.0. Multitasking is also making its debut on the iPad.


The ?Messages? application allows you to directly start a FaceTime conversation with your contact (as long as the contact has of course an iPhone 4 or Mac and is connected to a Wi-Fi network).


The ?Photos? application now includes the ?AirPrint? printing functionality. In this way you can print your photos (multi-selection is possible) on a printer connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone or via a printer of the ?ePrint? type.


The application now has the new AirPlay functionality. This way you can watch your videos on the Apple TV. The ranking of videos is no longer by a number of stars but by an inch up or an inch down.


The ?Notes? application offers you a choice of three different fonts (Chalckboard, Helvetica and Marker Felt).


Nothing new in this application except a new icon better aligned in the style of native iOS applications (it would appear).

iTunes Store.

iTunes Store incorporates ?AirPlay? which will allow you to play a video podcast on your Apple TV.


Some changes from the possible settings on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

First, you can now prevent the physical use of the volume buttons to adjust the intensity of ringtones and alerts. Then, a choice of 17 new ringtones is proposed with regard to SMS alerts. It must be admitted that these new ringtones are not very short and will certainly encourage most of you to keep using the old ringtones already available. What is practical, however, is the possibility of being able to now assign an SMS ringtone specifically to your contacts.

From the "Restrictions" menu, you can now prevent anyone from deleting applications and authorizing modifications for the location service (geolocation and GPS) as well as email accounts.

For added security, you can also prevent your iPhone from accepting friend requests through the Game Center.

Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

Possibility to add a MobileMe account directly using your "Me" email address and password. On the iPad, the inbox is finally unified like the iOS 4 of the iPhone and the iPod touch.


The ?Search? functionality now allows you to find your old searches in order to save time. Start typing your text, a selection is already proposed according to your history. Another new feature is the possibility to search for a keyword directly on the displayed page. To get there, once the page is displayed, click on the google field and type the word desire. The feature will prompt you to search directly on the page and then display the results highlighted in yellow. Safari also now allows you to print the page consulted through the ?AirPrint? service. Finally, videos viewed on YouTube from Safari can also be viewed on Apple TV via "AirPlay".


The multimedia player on board your iPhone now allows you to broadcast, via ?AirPlay?, your musical content through speakers connected to a good Airport Express or watch your videos directly from your Apple TV (2010 edition).

Price and accounting.

IOS 4.2 is offered free of charge to iPhone and iPod touch users, provided they have the following models:

– iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4.

– iPod touch 2G, 3G and 4G.

– iPad.


This new update of iOS 4 is far from being very spectacular but brings the filling of a few features claimed since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 such as printing and the possibility of listening to music and watch videos using an Airport Express type terminal or Apple TV (which is not yet available from us) ^.

Note the effort by Apple to finally offer new ringtones linked to the arrival of SMS but we regret that they are ultimately not so "terrible" cost.

Finally, we can observe that the Cupertino company has the desire to offer an increasingly unified iOS. As proof, the integration now has the FaceTime functionality accessible from the "Messages" application in addition to the address book.

One last thing, installing iOS 4.2 will require the latest version of iTunes which should arrive soon in download

Let us know your comments and your wishes for a future version of iOS!

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