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The 30 orders to know to perfectly master Siri

enero 25, 2020

The virtual assistant allows you to perform many tasks only by voice. But do you really know all of its fields of application?

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Here are thirty cases in which Siri can find useful available on iPhone and iPad and Mac. To use it, however, you must configure in the smartphone settings.

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<p>To switch it on from an iPhone or iPad, you will have to press the Home button, but there is another solution. If the option is active, you can launch Siri, when it is connected by saying "Say Siri". The personal assistant will wake up then.</p>
<p>As far as Macs are concerned, Siri is also available from MacOS Sierra, although its use is less interesting. In this case, it is found in the menu bar. A shortcut to activate it: command key and space key until Siri opens.</p>
<p><strong>Use outside the need for wifi directly on the device </strong></p>
<p>1. Alarms After activating Siri, you can ask it to record an alarm and configure it as desired. Set an alarm tomorrow 7:00 am </p>
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5. Conversion To convert data to others, the personal assistant can easily solve the task. Unit of measure, currency, hard, etc. How much is 121 euros in US dollars

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<p>6. Calculation In the same vein, Siri can solve calculations quickly according to the instructions given by the user. Beyond the numbers, time and measure calculations can also be performed. Calculation 2 + 2 </p>
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