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Steve Wozniak has his modified white iPhone 4

enero 25, 2020

Interview recently by CNN as part of a donation made to the Computer History Museum down in Silicon Valley, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said they are currently using three iPhone 4s. "I have a complicated telephone life", he said and added, ?I never stop comparing them??. Until the moment when ?Woz? did not miss brandish a white iPhone 4 straight out of pocket … the amazement of the journalist who experienced the same feeling as to see appear a unicorn before him according to the terms used by the co-founder of the Cupertino company, "No, it's not … a unicorn, it's a white iPhone 4 but I also have two black models" he added sneeringly …

As a reminder, the white iPhone 4 is not yet marketed and has been repeatedly postponed since the introduction of the fourth generation of the iPhone last June. According to the most recent information, Apple plans to finally launch this model in Spring (2011) without more details on a date?

One could therefore imagine that the close links which ?Woz? Apple allowed him to get his hands earlier and exclusively on ?the polemic model? that the white iPhone 4 now represents but it would ultimately be nothing? Indeed , following the interview with the American television channel, a reader of the site 9to5mac was quick to email the Apple co-founder on this matter. whether the model is presented to the reporter CNN was a real white model, Steve Wozniak did not hesitate and claimed to use a black iPhone 4 … modified. ?I got the different components of the white iPhone 4 directly from this teenager who had generated sales of $ 130,000 (Editor's note: read this article), just before he stops trading ? concluded the Apple co-founder.

Even if "Woz" does not have its real white iPhone 4, the fact remains that it remains the tip …

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