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iOS 4.2: your first reactions

enero 25, 2020

It is since this Monday evening that iOS 4.2 is (finally) available for download. Despite being able to profit some interesting new features, your opinions are sometimes mixed. Here is a summary of some ?hot? reactions from members of the Belgium-iPhone forum:

The new sounds for SMS is great but a little long for messages … I also have the feeling of speed gain. to confirm. @ Bassaris

A little more fluid on the iPhone 3GS and the big surprise on my side is the gain in autonomy (I had put the GM). Airprint on the other hand no longer finds my printer, it detected it with GM 4.2. @ Jaam

Having never used MobileMe, I have been looking for ways to use the ?Find My iPhone? service. And I discovered that we had to go on This site to understand the configuration ?. @ AlexDSL.

Enough overall on iPad (test since yesterday). I feel a general decrease in responsiveness and some oddities (like, in the AppStore, the font which grows larger when the page has finished loading, animations which start late or which are jerky). The thing that shocked me the most happened when I tested an application to record with the microphone in the background, during the recording, the system got really messy! I remember that with the official application on my old 3GS (the one with the microphone on a red background), it was perfectly fluid. My greatest happiness is multi-tasking, but I must say that the fact of not having a button, for example, to kill all applications in the background becomes very quickly tiring when you navigate between several applications (especially in small applications that you need quickly and that you don't necessarily want to find in the list of apps in the background). The biggest frustration is the limitation of the icons in a folder (something I will never understand?), I would like to put my games in a ?Games? folder, well it's impossible? I know it's remdiable with the jailbreak, but my iPad so much above all a tool which I use for my work, autonomy and stability are two essential criteria for my use (at the time, I had an iPhone 3GS, I remember that sometimes some Incorrectly coded apps could crash the system and the Mobile Substrate components greatly reduced battery life, but if you ever tell me that has changed, I'm ready to test). Voile, a rather mixed warm opinion, both very happy with the multi-tasking that I have waited for a long time and which is more than essential on a tool like the iPad, and both very due to this drop (sometimes quite strong) of activity. @ Benlaug

The day after the update: I returned my network to automatic mode last night and this morning, everything was fine. No more loss of network or cellular data and the battery is nickel. So it was the old iOS that was bugging. Thank you update! @ Tryviany

I'm going to update you on the 4.2.1 update for an iPhone3G: it seems a little more reactive, but nothing breathtaking either. Once again, a big disappointment for the iPhone 3G which seems to be set aside. The only new things I could identify were the choice of font for Notes and the change of the dictaphone icon. So exit Airprint, Airplay and even ringtones for SMS (which I think does not require especially more resources). The location function of the iPhone is also set aside, an iPhone 4 is absolutely necessary to create an account for free. The 3GS and 3G are still put aside (Note that it seems that we can create an account with the iPhone 4 and then use 3GS or 3G thereafter). @ thedew

What a pleasure to be able to watch my photo albums, videos or YouTube videos from my iPhone 4 directly on Apple TV thanks to AirPlay @ Gary.L

Contrary to what I could read right and left, I could not fault this update. It was quick and easy, I didn't lose any apps, I don't experience any loss of activity, or any other annoyance. Multitasking on the iPad has taken a whole new dimension and has really changed a lot. Small bmol; a utility that would delete all open apps at once would be handy – but since it did exist, I didn't really search. For the rest, nothing to complain about. @ Guitariosott

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