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Imminent launch of Apple TV in Belgium?

enero 25, 2020

The site 9to5mac understands that the second launch wave of the new Apple TV is imminent. Seven countries are said to be affected by the second generation of Apple TV. Big surprise, Belgium would be part of it.

When the new Apple TV was launched, particularly in the United States and France, the Cupertino company had hinted at its keen desire to expand the marketing of its product. relift dedicated to television. 9to5mac noticed very recently that the mention ?Apple TV? had been added on the Apple online store from several countries including Tawan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Portugal, the Netherlands and Belgium. The latter also noted that when one of these links is clicked (on each Apple Store online raised), the latter currently refer to an error page.

Apple is about to announce the imminent availability of Apple TV in Belgium?

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