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How to turn off vibrations on iPhone

enero 25, 2020

Unlike a ringtone, it is not possible to deactivate the vibrations of your iPhone with a simple button.

If the vibrations of your phone annoy you, know that it is possible to configure your iPhone so that it only vibrates at certain times. If you are used to sorting out incoming calls, and know how to silence the ringer, your iPhone often continues to vibrate during the call. A notable disadvantage which can easily be corrected upstream.

To configure the vibrations, go to the iPhone Settings. Select Sounds and vibrations and deactivate the vibrator with the ringtone. So when you receive a phone call, your iPhone will no longer vibrate. You can then simply silence the call as explained here without continuing to signal a call to you.

If you prefer to converse the vibrator for certain alerts, it is possible, you just have to select SMS or Call or other and to select a vibration or none depending on whether you prefer that your iPhone vibrates to notify you of the reception of a notification, an SMS or a call.

Also note that it is possible to customize the vibrations. You just need to select one or create it yourself. We explain how to do it here.