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Airpods are delivered faster

enero 25, 2020

airpods apple iphone ipadThe delays of Apple Airpods decrease on the official site. We went from 4 to 6 weeks 2 to 3 weeks, so it's twice as fast (or less long). Due to limited production and above all great success, smart cordless cutters are always difficult to find.

Hfortunately, the stocks of some are at the highest like Fnac, Darty or even RueDuCommerce which offer the Apple 179 wireless headphones with delivery within one day or even withdrawal in store.

On the other hand, among operators, stocks are flat! Orange offered an ODR offer of 50, so that was only 129. Same with SFR, no more Airpods.

Scan these pages if you want!

We tested and approved the AirPods thanks to its quality sound, its ease of installation, use and its charging case. Even if noise reduction is still missing, the AirPods owe almost no one.

I invite you to read the technical sheet and also the AirPods instructions.

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