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Tips and tricks for iPhone XS and XS Max

enero 24, 2020

When you want to get the most out of your iPhone XS or Max, there are a few tips and advice you need to make it easy to play on the phone. Whether it's refining the new bass gestures on navigation, optimizing the use of the battery or using the Memoji, you can bite your teeth. As soon as you hear about this phone and the new software update, the list of tips and tricks for iPhone XS and XS Max listed below can work wonders. It is time to master the use of this last device.

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Tips and tricks for iPhone XS and XS Max

1. Unlocking and house

If the iPhone Max or XS is the first phone you use without the Home button, you may need to spend more time understanding gestures fully. However, it is easy to follow the advice once you are done and in no time, you are happy to use the phone without the Home button. All you have to do is swipe your phone straight into the menu bar and go to the home screen when you're in an app.

2. Creation of Memoji and Animoji

Managing a phone with the face identification function implies that you can use the Memoji and Animoji options. While playing with the possible things, you have to go posts and Conversation press the monkey icon. You are now ready to add your Memoji or just have fun with Animoji when you are already there.

iPhone XS Memoji

3. Become friends with Siri

Since you don't have the Home button in the iPhone XS or Max, you have to hold down the side button to launch Siri. When the phone is in the listening range, you can just say hello Siri. However, if you want to change this behavior, you can visit Siri and search inside the site. Rglages deactivate listening to Hey siri rocker switch.

iphone XS Max siri

4. Changing the depth of field on photos

The new iPhone Devices can change the blur effect behind subjects in photos, what we technically call depth of field. You can open any photo in the camera roll if it?s taken in Portrait mode and tap edit. After that, you can set the slider down when you scroll it with your finger. When you are satisfied with its appearance, you can finally click on the button termin .

5. Analyze screen time

IOS 12 has ensured that users do not remain more involved in the phone than with the introduction of Screen Time. You should head to the Rglages and Screen time comes in to check your device usage and the apps that consumed the most time. You can set the limits if necessary.

iphone XS screen time

6. Access the control center

You can now access the Control Center by sliding your finger from the right edge.

iPhone XS Acess control

7. Apple Pay and Notification Center Gesture

To access Apple Pay, you can press the side button and start the payment process in the App Store. To access the notification center, you can slide your finger from the notch.

iphone XS Max Apple pays

8. Calm notifications

With iOS 12, you can get notifications delivery silently. This means that the messages you receive arrive directly in the notification center without making sound, appearing on the lock screen or appearing as banners.

Notification Center for iPhone XS Max

9. Improving reality increases

You will find a measurement app with iOS 12 that uses the augmented reality features. Disable this application and use the plus button to mark points in three-dimensional space for measuring lines or numbers. The trigger also allows you to take a picture of your measurements.

10. Define the second side

For this new generation of smartphones, the face is the password compared to the fingerprint option available with the Touch ID. On iPhone XS and iPhone Max, you can create a second face to unlock the phone via Rglages and Face ID and access code and finally create the Alternative appearance and access the device with a modified look.

iphone XS Second Face

11. Display and home screen options

You can set the brightness of the screen by bringing up the control center and swiping your finger down in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you can adjust the display of the brightness slider or visit the Rglages and go Display and brightness. While making the iPhone screen to adjust the temperature and color balance automatically to be compatible with the ambient light present in the room, you should visit the Control Center and press the brightness slider on the notch. Go to Rglages and Display and brightness mode to toggle the True Tone switch.

To change the default text size, you can visit the Rglages and Display and brightness mode and choose Text size and adjust the slider to get the desired text size. Night Shift mode allows you to turn off the blue light to allow the eyes to relax while using the phone. You can also use the new wallpaper offer when you head to Rglages and Wallpaper.

It is easy to remove Apple stock apps such as Compass and Stocks. You must press the icon until it starts to move, then press x. Finally, you may need to confirm the decision you made.

When you take the screenshot, a small preview appears in the lower left corner of the screen. You can tap it and use the tools to write, draw and crop the image. If you don't need the preview, you can just slide your finger to the left.

You can force on the Rglages icon to access the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and batteries rglages. This movement allows you to quickly switch to the wireless settings of the phone.

iphone xs max function

12. Control care

You can add or remove controls from the Control Center. You should head to the Rglages and the Control Center and Personalize Controls to select the controls you want to add.

To change the order of these controls, you must press and hold the three-bar menu located to the right of the control you wish to delete. Move the control up and down where you want it on the device. Some of these controls tend to become fullscreen. Forcing the control you want to develop can fill the screen automatically.

When you press force to expand the Connectivity Control, you can press and activate the Personal Access Point icon.

13. Recording videos in 4K

You can now record audio in the stereo model in iPhone XS, but the resolution may be in 1080p. To get the most out of it, you should try to capture the images in 4K. Just go to Rglages and Camra Video recording and turn on 4K.

Iphone xs max 4k videos

14. Get a charger to improve the charging speed

Unfortunately, the charger that came with the iPhone XS is not fast. You can purchase a higher power charger from the Apple Store.

iphone XS charging speed

15. Use landscape mode

IPhone XS or Max supports the use of landscape mode for various applications. You can take advantage of the double column view when you are in applications such as Calendar gold Rglages.

16. Shooting in RAW format

Smart HDR mode can help you take great pictures with this camera. You can now take pictures in RAW format with manual controls and perfectly adjust the brightness, focus and exposure. You can also edit these photos to enhance them.

iphone xs max RAW format

17. Screen capture and hardware reset

To take a screenshot, you must press the key Ct and the volume down button together. You can reset the phone without erasing the data. hurry Turn up the volume and volume down and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

18. Protection of the telephone

To prevent theft of the device, you can get Apple's loss protection plan and pay in monthly payments. The phone is only water resistant, it is not waterproof, so you should not take it with you to record underwater videos while swimming.

19. Opening the camera from the lock screen

Instead of using the swipe gestures, you can use the camera button located in the lower right corner of the screen. Just press it and go to the camera. You can tap the screen when it is in standby mode to open and lock the locked screen.

20. Access widgets

You can swipe the screen from left to right to access the widgets.

21. Post a quick reply

If you want to give a quick response to the notification that arrives without opening the application, you can scroll down to take the necessary measures.

22. Activation of low consumption mode

You can activate the energy saving mode on the device. Just go to Rglages and batteries to activate this mode. You can swipe the home screen from left to right to get a view of Today and scroll down until you check battery usage via the widget.

23. Sending photos of drawings

In Messages, you can send a picture of someone. Just tap the App Store icon located to the left of the message entry field, and you will come across a small heart-shaped logo with two fingers above the keyboard. Just press it and you're ready to draw the images you want and send them.

24. Setting the quick timer

Instead of skipping the timer app, you have to force on the timer icon and drag it up and down all over the screen. You are ready to set the timer from a few minutes to a few hours.

25. Bedtime advice

You can set the alarm from the Bedtime section of the Apple Clock app or go to Rglages to choose Do not disturb when you want to be left alone.

iphone xs max bedtime tips

26. Apple Music Tips

You can hide Apple's music service if you want, or open the entire section of the music library. By tapping the search icon in the menu bar, you can access music based on the titles or names of the music albums.

iphone XS Max music tips

27. Use cards

You can use interior maps and move between building levels using the same map. Just tap on the building map to get the ground level. It is easy to get the preferred mode of transportation in this device. All you have to do is go to Rglages and choose Maps.

28. Checking the mail

You can visit the reception box from the messaging application and press the circular icon with three small bars. This will help you check the unread mail. It?s easy to check multiple emails when you?re on the go and replying to other people. Building a contact book from the device is possible. When you receive a signed email, Apple asks if you want to include it in the contact book. Press the Add to Contacts button to suffice.

29. Collaborate and share notes

There is a new Share icon in the notes. You can tap on it and add share contacts and notes.

30. One hand keyboard

The one-hand keyboard of the iPhone XS is a real bargain. Simply press and hold the globe icon to choose the right or left keyboard, so that it shrinks and moves to one side of the keyboard. You can return to the normal size option by pressing the arrow.

one hand keyboard iphone xs max

31. Automatic deletion of audio and video messages

Meeting on Rglages and posts scroll to the Video or Audio Messages section and switch the Expire rglage. Green bubbles indicate normal SMS messages while the blue bubble is for iMessages. When you visit Settings and Messages, you can access Message History and choose to keep the desired messages for a few days or even several years.

32. Setting reminders on Siri

Siri can set reminders for you in the iPhone XS or Max. Just say what you want. It will scan the page and add relevant details to the Reminders application.

The list of tips and tricks will help you use the device easily.