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The beginnings of the imminent arrival of the white iPhone 4?

enero 24, 2020

Last night, Apple released a new version of its ?Apple Store? application (reserved for the American market). Even if the application does not offer new functionality, we can however discover the possibility of reserving your iPhone 4 … white!

Once this option is selected, the application then proposes to choose the desired model (16 or 32GB) and then be redirected to a list in the Apple Store where it will finally be possible to go and pick up your new iPhone.

Even if the white iPhone 4 is not yet physically available in stores or on the Apple Store online, this new "provision" could indicate an imminent arrival of this iPhone 4 release expected four months ago.

As a reminder, Apple had indicated in a press release that the white iPhone 4 would be available towards the end of the year following certain problems encountered in its production.

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