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iPhone 2020: Touch ID, 5G and an iPhone SE 2?

iPhone-5-se-icon.pngWhat if the iPhone SE revives? It is the dream of many readers who regularly tell us of the disappointment of no longer having a "small" iPhone in the range.

Analyst Blayne Curtis of Barclays understands that the apple has planned to bring it out on an iPhone 8 basis. He also mentioned the iPhone XI and iPhone XIR, but without bringing new information (apart from the abandonment of the 3D Touch on all). On the other hand, it also gave an interesting detail on the iPhone 12, that of 2020.

iphone xr - xir rendering: 2019 v2 color with dual photo sensor

Our concept of iPhone 11R

IPhone SE 2020

For Blayne, the start of 2020 will be marked by the second generation of the iPhone SE. According to him, several suppliers are already working on it and Apple would have taken its iPhone 8 as a technical basis. It is true that it has already amortized its investments on this model. It remains to be seen whether it will keep a physical button or pass Face ID.

The iPhone 12 of 2020

Regarding the highly anticipated iPhone of 2020, the analyst confirms 5G (oh surprise) but also a 3D camera on the back as well as the return of Touch ID, under the screen. It will be possible to authenticate by touching the slab anywhere. This reminds us of several patents issued by the apple. And of course, Face ID will always be available and functional in every way.

To confirm !