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Apple criticized at the Davos World Economic Forum

enero 24, 2020

Political leaders and economic experts attending the Davos World Economic Forum have criticized Apple for its behavior in paying taxes.

Apple davos

One of the last discussions at the Davos Forum was about companies that aim to make more than just profits, but try to be responsible for their employees, suppliers and communities. Apple was particularly criticized for not having reached this ideal.

Well-known American economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz said that Apple has not done the most basic job of a "responsible" business, which is to pay its fair share of tax in countries in which it operates, instead of leaving many of its profits in Ireland:

If you do not contribute by paying your fair share of taxes, you are not responsible at the enterprise level. Some companies are getting a lot of attention, like Apple. You have to ask yourself: are they sincere?

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said yesterday that San Francisco was becoming too expensive for teachers and firefighters, a problem when hiring new talent for their business. From this statement, Stiglitz wonders how Cisco can recruit the best people if there are no teachers for their children? For this reason, businesses should do more to help communities, starting with paying taxes.

According to Stiglitz, the first step to being a good corporate citizen is to pay taxes, which Apple does not always do fairly, by choosing alternative and creative solutions to pay as little as possible and only in a few countries like Ireland.

These statements come just days after Tim Cook's assertion that called for global tax reform.