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Twelve South unveils a band to wear the Apple Watch to the biceps

enero 23, 2020

apple watch 2No one is wearing their Apple Watch at the bicep level today. As with a classic watch, everyone opts for the wrist today.

According to the designers of Twelve South some users might be interested in the idea of ??wearing their smartwatch much higher on the arm and its ActionSleeve would even improve the capabilities of the watch.

In addition to allowing boxers and other weight carriers to use their Apple Watch while exercising without discomfort on the wrist, this amazing device would improve data on heart rate.

action sleeve ios

twelve south apple watchbiceps apple watch

The company explains that its headband keeps the watch much better on the skin, compared to conventional bracelets, making it possible to offer data "more consistent".

If you're interested, this ActionSleeve is already on sale for $ 29.99, in black or red, regardless of the size of the Apple Watch.

Latest useful information, this headband has a silicone protection system to reduce shock and it can also be worn on the wrist.