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Three iPhone 4 cases offered by BiP and Norway for three weeks

enero 23, 2020

Belgium-iPhone in partnership with Nørve high-end case specialist offer you one tui per week for 3 weeks. This week win the leather case for iPhone 4 Tradition C illustrated above.

Accessorist from Saint-Tropez, Norway, whose reputation is no longer available, offers high-fashion iPhone cases with a remarkable finish.

Since 2004, Norway has specialized in making high-end leather cases for mobile devices.

The unique design and style of the South of France permeates their entire collection, which is available in four leather ranges: Perptual (classic soft leather protections), Ambition (selection of leather granules), Exception (unique vintage textures) and Illumination (patent leather)

The essence of the brand is closely linked to the evolution of new technologies, and it is an absolute priority to follow the news and stick to the trends, and in particular to the very latest model in vogue, the iPhone 4 by offering 3 different models available in 4 ranges and 22 colors! Something to satisfy the most demanding of you.

Norway offers readers of Belgium-iPhone to win each of his tuis. Today, it is the Norwegian tradition C pocket for iPhone 4 that is in the spotlight. This case will make your precious particularly light while giving it optimal protection, with ease of use thanks to an adequate cut to easily remove the device. The tradition C cover is available all over the world from 35.99.

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