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The return of "Bumper" tuis in Apple Store

enero 23, 2020

It is since this October 1 that it is now possible to find the case "Bumper" across all Apple Stores across countries. The program of cases offered by Apple ending on Thursday, the user will now have to pass the checkout, if he wants to protect his iPhone 4 with the case ?Made in Cupertino? (even if you suspect it is made in China).

Advantage for the consumer, he can finally choose his preferred color while until September 30, it was possible to receive the case only in black.

What will be the impact of this redesign of the case "Bumper" when we know that Apple had nevertheless warned its customers that if they observed reception problems with their new iPhone, they could still continue to claim to receive a case for free but by passing, this time, through Apple Care?

Note that at the moment it is still not possible to order your tui "Bumper" going throughApple Store Online.

We discuss it on the forum.