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The new generation of Apple TV would run on iOS!

enero 23, 2020

On September 1, Steve Jobs presented the brand new Apple TV, focused on online services. Since the public release of iOS 4.2 in beta version for iPad, a developer has taken the trouble to peel out any traces of new products or products to come.

According to iOS 4.2 beta 1, the Apple TV would carry the name iProd which was, at the time of rumors circulating before the Special Event on September 1, the possible new generation of iPad under test.

It turns out that the new generation of Apple TV would run on iOS. Although the interface has absolutely nothing to do with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the system would be the same. To say that a future version of iOS for Apple TV would make it possible to run the applications of the App Store, there is only one!

Even if Apple does not offer new features in a future update for their multimedia box, it is obvious that such a system will eventually, sooner or later, be jailbreak in order to open the possibilities offered by iOS for Apple TV.

As a reminder, the release of the next generation of Apple TV is expected at the end of September.

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