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The jailbreak of iOS 4.1: "A matter of days"

enero 23, 2020

Let those looking forward to the next iOS 4.1 jailbreak solution rejoice. According to the latest statements from one of the hackers ?On the spot?, the provision of the solution "Greenpoison" would no longer only a matter of days.

Answering the question of one of his followers asking him if the next solution would arrive in the next few days or weeks, the hacker pod2g replied "A question of days" without giving any guarantee.

In addition, the hacker p0sixninja (Chronic Dev Team) has published a link leading to a new wiki relative to the SHAtter solution. Without entering the details, this wiki explains – in a jargon that is sometimes difficult to understand – the techniques used which allowed exploiting the flaw that will allow the compilation of this new solution.

We discuss it on the forum.